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These two were acting like complete teenagers. When I walked up, she was nuzzling her head against his shoulder. She giggled the entire time I talked with them, while he kept a big goofy grin on his face. And whenever I asked about their relationship, she clutched his arm, looked at him just like this, giggled, then said: “We’re not telling!”





This is true art right here.

Humans are great


Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson’s selfie OMG

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I honestly laughed really hard at this

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i want dogs to be allowed at more places and i want children under 6 to not be


Inspirational pokemon photos.

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

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severus snape: james potter's cruelty and humiliation really scarred me for life lmfao what are you doing neville you useless piece of 11 year old piece shit everyone lets laugh at neville OHHH OHHH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS 11 YEAR OLD NEGLECTED PARENTLESS NERD HARRY HE THINKS HES SO GREAT AND HE JUST RUINED THE THIRD POTION HES EVER MADE LMFAO WOW james potter was so cruel he was the devil